CPD Module 6 – Communication Skills

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This is a short course that covers your 5 hours CPD requirement for the GDC’s cycle.

The course is a recommended GDC subject and is within the GDC guidelines for verifiable CPD.

Course information & style

The course outlines all types of communication channels. It explains the difference between hearing and listening in relation to patients and the dental team. It will open your eyes to how non-verbal and verbal communication makes such an impact on how people interact.

The CPD Module 6 – Communication Skills short course is delivered by E-qual portfolio: an academic website platform. E-qual portfolio offers a virtual learning system offering continuous access to:

  • Course workbook
  • Comprehensive one-to-one tutor support
  • Submission of and feedback on course assignments
  • Excellent study planning

Course structure

15 hours GLH (Guided Learning Hours).

This means we allow a student one month to complete the CPD Module 6 – Communication Skills short course.

  • The communication chain
  • Communicating with colleagues
  • Communicating with patients
  • Listening skills
  • Multicultural teamwork


The CPD Module 6 – Communication Skills short course will require you to complete five small tasks and five multiple choice sheets. These will be marked by your tutor and they will provide you with excellent feedback.

There are no examinations. Your final result will be based on continuous assessment.

On successful completion you will also receive a 5 hours of verifiable CPD certificate by the Dental Business Academy.