Changes to CPD from 2018

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Since posting information on our Social Media pages about the upcoming changes to CPD the news has channelled through our Social Media platforms and has been a very popular subject. So we have decided to summarise the key points we feel you need to know about the changes which will be implemented this year:

  • No more non-verifiable CPD

Non-verifiable CPD will no longer count towards your CPD cycle. All CPD will need to be verifiable – as always you will need to ensure you have adequate evidence of your verifiable CPD (usually in the form of a certificate which clearly states the amount of hours completed). The removal of non-verifiable CPD will see DCP’s CPD hours overall reduce.


  • Minimum hours


Amount of Verifiable CPD Hours per 5 year cycle

Dental Nurse


Dental Hygienist


Dental Therapist


Orthodontic Therapist




Dental Technician


Clinical Dental Technician


 Furthermore each GDC registrant must complete a minimum of ten hours CPD every two years. This will ensure that CPD hours are spread out evenly throughout each registrants CPD cycle.


  • Records

It will be necessary for each registrant to create and regularly update a personal development plan. This will show the CPD you plan to complete and the learning outcomes you wish to achieve. As always you will also need to keep a clear record of the CPD hours you have completed and also your certificates. On an annual basis you will need to declare to the GDC the amount of CPD hours you have completed over the past 12 months, even if you have completed no CPD for that year.

For further information and guidance please see:


How can the Dental Business Academy help you complete your CPD hours? 

We understand the need for excellent CPD to maintain GDC registration. We currently offer six high quality core online Enhanced CPD courses which allow flexible study to easily achieve your verifiable hours. Each of these courses are completely online based giving you the flexibility to complete your CPD anywhere/anytime. 

For further information please see our 'Enhanced CPD' course page or contact us for further information. 


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